4 Canadian Healthcare Stocks With the Best 5-Year Growth Prospects

The Canadian healthcare stocks we’ve uncovered are expected to increase their revenue by 5 to 15 times over the next five years, based on consensus equity analyst estimates

SmallCapPower | June 21, 2021: As the global population grows older, Canadian healthcare companies are anticipated to be suppling medications, services, and products to Canadians and customers worldwide. According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI), Canadian healthcare spending reached a whopping $264 billion in 2019. Health expenditures are also expected to make up nearly 12% of the country’s GDP and is anticipated to increase in the future. The major benefit to this from an investing standpoint is that healthcare stocks will likely post higher revenues and eventually net income. Today, we have discovered four Canadian healthcare stocks with the best revenue growth prospects through 2025, based on consensus equity analysts estimates.

*Share price and other metrics as of June 18, 2021


Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc. (TSX:AUP) – $16.04

Aurinia’s mission is to transform people’s lives by delivering therapeutics that change the course of autoimmune disease. Aurinia Pharmaceuticals is in late-stage clinical trials focused on developing and commercializing therapies to treat targeted patient populations that are impacted by serious autoimmune diseases with a high unmet medical need. AUP currently has one registered drug called LUPKYNIS, which is the first, oral therapy approved to treat adult patients living with active lupus nephritis (LN), an autoimmune condition that disproportionately affects women and minority populations. It causes your immune system to produce proteins called autoantibodies that attack your own tissues and organs, including the kidneys. Based on demographics, LUPKYNIS is positioned for the first-line treatment of lupus nephritis with potential peak US net sales of greater than $1 billion.

Market Cap: $2,055.6M
YTD-Return: -8.7%
1-Year Share Price Return: -28.6%
30-Day Average Trading Volume: 211,630
2025: Revenue Estimate: $845.1M
2020: Revenue:  $50.1M
Projected Growth: +1,587%

dentalcorp Holdings Ltd. (TSX:DNTL) – $15.70
Healthcare Services

dentalcorp is Canada’s largest and fastest growing network of dental practices, committed to advancing the overall well-being of Canadians by delivering the best clinical outcomes and unforgettable experiences. dentalcorp acquires leading dental practices, uniting its network in a common goal: to be Canada’s most trusted healthcare network. dentalcorp’s mission is to deliver the best patient experience and clinical outcomes through our network of leading professionals, empowered by our unique technology, know-how and scale. dentalcorp began trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange on May 27, 2021.

Market Cap: $2,607.3M
30-Day Return: +9.2%
30-Day Average Trading Volume: 301,770
2025: Revenue Estimate: $1,851.8M
2020: Revenue:  $101.1M
Projected Growth: +1,732%

Trillium Therapeutics Inc. (TSX:TRIL) – $12.18

Trillium Therapeutics is an immuno-oncology company targeting CD47, a molecule that tumors frequently use to evade the immune system. CD47 is a “don’t eat me” signal that blocks the ability of macrophages to phagocytose and destroy tumor cells. By blocking this “don’t eat me” signal with decoy receptors, Trillium aims to unmask tumor cells and make them visible to the immune system. As a leading CD47-focused company, Trillium Therapeutics has two decoy receptors (TTI-621 and TTI-622) that are currently being evaluated in patients with hematological malignancies. At the end of 2019, Trillium underwent a transformational program that included corporate reorganization, the creation of a more clinical development-centric organization and strategic re-prioritization to focus on our intravenous products in large hematology-oncology indications.

Market Cap: $1,256.2M
YTD-Return: -35.0%
1-Year Share Price Return: +9.8%
30-Day Average Trading Volume: 172,130
2025: Revenue Estimate: $318.7M
2020: Revenue:  $2.2M
Projected Growth: +14,386%

Dialogue Health Technologies Inc. (TSX:CARE) – $11.91
Healthcare Services

Dialogue is Canada’s premier virtual healthcare and wellness platform, providing affordable, on-demand access to quality care. Through its team of health professionals, the Company serve employers and organizations who have an interest in the health and well-being of their employees, members and their families. Its Integrated Health Platform is a one-stop healthcare hub that centralizes all of its programs in a single, user-friendly application, providing access to services 24 hours per day, 365 days per year from the convenience of a smartphone, computer or tablet. Dialogue Health began trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange on March 30, 2021.

Market Cap: $789.8M
30-Day Return: -2.6%
30-Day Average Trading Volume: 41,830
2025: Revenue Estimate: $202.6M
2020: Revenue:  $35.8M
Projected Growth: +466%

Disclosure: Neither the author nor his family own shares in any of the companies mentioned above.

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