AMMO, Inc. Offers One Million Rounds Of Ammunition To Ukrainian Armed Forces, World Cheers The Donation

AMMO, Inc. (Nasdaq: POWW, POWWP) is earning worldwide praise. It follows an announcement that it plans to donate one million rounds of military-grade ammunition to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. While it’s a headline not intended to be clickbait, it’s apparent the world is interested, resulting not only in a rise in AMMO stock but also earning a global response that is overwhelming supportive of the humanitarian gesture.

Fred Wagenhals, AMMO’s Chairman & CEO, commented, “We’ve received an overwhelming response from our shareholders, customers, vendors and partners in support of our donation offer to help the Ukrainian Armed Forces in their fight for freedom. I’m grateful for everyone’s generosity and willingness to provide additional financial support to supplement our efforts. The management team is working around the clock to navigate the logistical and legal complexities involved in seeing that the ammunition is swiftly delivered to the proper parties in Ukraine.

“With the folks supporting our Company as shareholders by investing in POWW, it is important to us to make certain we ensure all of our current and incoming shareholders and supporters see their gracious offers to donate directed in real-time to support the brave men, women and children in Ukraine. As a result, we ask that you direct your donations as follows:

CARE (Charity Navigator rating of 92.64 out of 100)


“We will send out supplemental information about Ukrainian support activities and opportunities as they arise, and appreciate your investing support in AMMO which provides the foundation for the work we have been able to do with the Ukrainian people.”

AMMO, Inc. is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, and designs and manufactures products for a variety of aptitudes, including law enforcement, military, sport shooting and self-defense. The Company was founded in 2016 with a vision to change, innovate and invigorate the complacent munitions industry. AMMO promotes its own branded munitions, including its patented STREAK™ Visual Ammunition, /stelTH/™ subsonic munitions, and armor piercing rounds for military use. For more information, please visit:  www.ammo-inc.com.

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