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Don’t Ignore Cyberlux Corp At These Levels, They’re Setting Records ($CYBL)

Don’t ignore Cyberlux Corporation, (OTC PINK:CYBL) stock at these levels. At less than two cents a share, it’s a steal Why? Because they are on track to do $44 million this year and head toward $100 million in 2023. They put out an exceptional Q4 report last week, exceeding its Quarterly Revenue Plan of $4.5 million by 39 percent, delivering $6.25 million in revenue for the quarter. The Company also drove a 14 percent increase in Quarter-to-Quarter revenue over the record revenue recorded in the Fourth Quarter of 2021. For the first time in Company history, the March revenue results exceeded $2 million and marked the eighth consecutive month of sustained revenue growth, with a 4 percent increase in March revenue over February’s record revenue. Cyberlux Management anticipates the quarterly revenue growth performance to continue and accelerate during 2022 and beyond, as the Company drives all four of its business units to achieve its 2022 revenue outlook of $44.8 million and generate a substantial positive net income from Operations for the year.

Cyberlux Corporation CEO Mark Schmidt commented:

“Dear CYBL Community, we had an amazing Q1 with all four of our business units (Digital Platform Solutions, Unmanned Aircraft Solutions, Advanced Lighting Solutions, and Infrastructure Technology Solutions) growing rapidly and generating revenue at record levels. Our Operation Alpha execution is continuing to exceed the results we expected, and our advanced technology platform company structure is producing record results. Our Q1 2022 revenue performance is truly exciting as we delivered revenue at 39% over our Q1 2022 plan of $4.5 million. For the month of March 2022, we also beat our revenue plan of $1.5 million by 47% with a record $2.2 million in revenue, while we produced 4% revenue growth over our February results, making March our best month ever. As I’ve noted, generally Q1 contributes a fraction to the full year results, which makes the Q1 2022 performance so important, and we then see the Cyberlux business build through the year from Q2 to Q4. With the Q1 results, we are now trending $1.75 million ahead of our internal year-to-date plan for achieving our $45 million revenue outlook for the 2022 full year.

Also, March marked the eighth consecutive month $CYBL of delivering stellar results, and the growth over the last two quarters, from Q4 2021 to Q1 2022, has been transformational, exceeding expectations. Over the last eight months, CYBL revenue has grown cumulatively to over $14 million, defining the trajectory for its 2022 performance.
Read CYBL’s update HERE.

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