Nunzia Pharmaceutical Corporation (OTC:NUNZ), an Emerging Leader in Innovative Pharmaceutical and Nutraceuticals, has Signed a Licensing Agreement with Michael Mitsunaga for the Exclusive Patent Rights to his IV BLOOD WARMER

San Clemente, CA – (NewMediaWire) – August 06, 2021 – Nunzi Pharmaceutical Corporation (OTC:NUNZ) entered into a License Agreement with Michael Mitsunaga as stated in the 8K filing of 08/05/2021.

Under the terms of the Agreement, Nunzia has the exclusive license to use the following items of intellectual property: IV BLOOD WARMING SYSTEM that is adaptable to handle many of the procedures that are performed in the medical field for the prevention of hypothermia. Medical research has shown that there is a large and growing need for a small, portable fluid warmer to combat the occurrence of hypothermia in the medical and paramedical fields. Recognizing this critical need. The IV Fluid Warmer is a portable, reusable 110V, AC-powered IV warmer product that will preheat intravenous solutions at the point of infusion. It has an output temperature range of 37°C to 41°C. The system shuts off automatically at 44°C to prevent overheating of the unit. The fluid warmer contains a disposable cartridge that can be recycled or returned for disposal. The device is UL and FDA approved and PATENT No.6,788,885 B2

Nunzia sees the future of Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals and Health Care by expanding ways to help save lives.  

Nunzia Pharmaceutical Corporation (OTC: NUNZ), is a leader in innovative pharmaceutical and nutraceutical based therapies for the treatment of behavioral anxiety symptoms of Autistic Spectrum of Disorders (ASD) and other anxiety disorders.

Current treatments for ASDs have had limited efficacy, with broad acting drugs such as antidepressants, antipsychotics, SSRIs and amphetamines being employed to varying and inconsistent treatment results.  In addition to the unmet treatment needs for ASDs, NUNZIA also broadly treats a wide range of related anxiety disorders — from ADHD which affects 4.8% of US adults and 8.7% of adolescents; to anxiety disorders (generalized, panic, and phobia related) that impact over a third of US adults and adolescents; and depressive disorders affecting up to 7.1% of the US adult population.

NUNZIA is currently available as a nutraceutical supplement, with prescribed and over-the-counter pharmaceutical treatments planned, and is unique within this space as a positive treatment quite unlike other drugs and supplements on the market. With no known negative side effects, no known addictions, and no clinical reaction to alcohol — NUNZIA is one of the safest treatments on the market with no known adverse effects on vital organs. 

NUNZIA nutraceuticals are a combination of 16 vitamins, minerals, and herbs which directly focus and target the hippocampus area of the brain, where all anxiety-based disorders begin — NUNZIA directly targets anxiety in the hippocampus, improving the function, which is a primary cause of the affiliations and compulsory disorders present in ASDs and anxiety disorders. Treatment The NUNZIA supplement with NUNZIA has demonstrated positive results for affected patients, increased memory, improved fine motor skills and increased speech ability while decreasing the anxiety, stress, fixations, and fidgeting that complicates social interactions and life with ASDs and other anxiety disorders.

This treatment methodology represents a revolutionary departure from current drug protocols — which are used to control and manage the symptoms of the disorder — NUNZIA, by contrast, is the only known drug on the market to address the underlying structure of the hippocampus, treating the symptoms of these disorders instead of merely controlling them.  The effects of NUNZIA have been profound, with approximately 80% of patients benefiting, with efficacy in as short as 24 to 96 hours. According to Nunzia CEO, Charles Strongo, “We have seen substantial improvements in patient’s social behavior and development, reduced anxiety and “acting out”, and dramatically improved quality of life for our patients and their families; all without the shotgun effect of drugging or sedating the patient.  We believe that NUNZIA is a unique and novel approach to ASD and other anxiety disorder treatment — and that in concert with therapeutic behavioral treatments, NUNZIA offers new hope for a better life to millions of children and their families.”

NUNZIA is currently available as a nutraceutical supplement direct to consumers via the Company’s website,, with wholesale distribution announcements coming shortly.  Nunzia Pharmaceutical Corporation is also developing over-the-counter and pharmaceutical drug formulations of NUNZIA to better address target markets in a rapidly growing ASD therapeutic space that is expected to reach $4.6 billion in annual revenues by 2026, from approximately $3.29 billion in 2019.

About Nunzia Pharmaceutical Corporation

Nunzia Pharmaceutical Corporation is the leader in the development and delivery of innovative pharmaceutical and nutraceutical-based therapies for the behavioral symptoms of Autistic Spectrum Disorder and related conditions, such as Fragile X syndrome, as well as more common anxiety-based disorders. Its landmark offering, NUNZIA, is an innovative product that promises to fundamentally revolutionize the treatment space for these conditions. Nunzia is committed to improving the lives of children and families suffering from ASDs and anxiety-based disorders. Nunzia is a proud partner of the Autism Fragile X-Foundation, a 501 c (3) non-profit dedicated to the treatment and management of ASD patients and their families.  For additional information, visit www.nunziapharma.comor follow us on Twitter.


Michael Mitsunaga

Nunzia Pharmaceutical Corporation;


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