Sack Lunch Productions, Inc. (OTC Pink: SAKL) Reports $1.615 Million in Sales for July, Forecasts Spike in Q3 Revenue

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Sack Lunch Productions, Inc. (OTC Pink: SAKL), reportd total sales of $1,354,741 across all corporate and franchised events in North America for the month of July. Ticket sales for all North American corporate and franchised events were $1,032,547 and $322,194, respectively. The lion’s share of ticket sales for July were generated by corporately run Slide the City® and The Lantern Fest® events.

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Richard Surber, CEO of SAKL, commented, “During the month of July we held 39 events directly or through franchisees including: 31 Slide the City®, 1 Lantern Fest®, 3 Dirty Dash® and 4 Color Me Rad®.  Shareholders can expect to see a spike in realized revenues for Q3 based upon the number of events being held including a spike in franchise fees collected.”

Surber, continued, “Some additional bright spots in this report are a high proportion of corporate ticket sales versus franchisee ticket sales as well as ticket sales for The Lantern Fest trending up.  The last 4 days in July The Lantern Fest sold over $100,000 in tickets, the result of opening events for the fall.”

The Bollinger Bands are tightening.  This historically reveals a breakout in the stock.  Historically we have seen 50% and greater gains following the tightening of the bands.  It looks like we are there again.

The company’s modest $12.1 million market capitalization according to OTC markets implies a price-sales multiple of just 1.3x, which is significantly lower than the industry’s 2.0-2.4x average, according to Morningstar data. If the company’s shares were to trade with a 2.0x ratio, it would translate to a $21.4 million market capitalization that’s nearly double its current valuation – and that would be on the low end of the industry average range.

Over the coming quarters, the company also plans to complete an audit and become more fully compliant with regulators. These moves could open the door to a potential up-listing and encourage more institutional investors to become involved with the stock. In turn, this could reduce the high level of volatility and potentially bring shares closer to their fair value.

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Sack Lunch Productions Inc. (OTC Pink: SAKL)’s current event portfolio includes:

Slide the City– A 1,000-foot vinyl slide that’s placed in the center of a city to create a fun and exciting block party event for the entire family.
The Lantern Fest– An unforgettable nighttime party that’s lit up with thousands of lanterns lit by participants and released into the sky.
Color Me Rad– A 5K race where participants are coated with liquids, powders, and gels of blue, green, pink, purple, and yellow until they’re tie-dyed on every side.
The Dirty Dash– A mud run obstacle course where a military boot camp meets an inner five-year-old fantasy.
Trike Riot– A race on Razor tricycles that takes participants down city streets and through obstacles to the finish line.

For more information, visit the company’s website at

Overall, Sack Lunch Productions, Inc. (OTC Pink: SAKL) stands in a formidable position within the active entertainment industry. The Company continues to expand its presence and brand across North America and reach the 2017 earnings forecasts, and the company could easy see its market cap jump into the mid-teen millions over the next year.

About Sack Lunch Productions, Inc.:

Sack Lunch Productions, Inc. (OTC PINK: SAKL) is an entertainment company that operates and franchises action oriented events in the U.S. and internationally. SAKL’s events include: Slide the City™ (1,000 foot long water slide for families and kids), Color Me Rad™ (5k color race), The Dirty Dash™ (mud and obstacle run), The Lantern Fest™ (nighttime party with lantern lighting and launch) and Trike Riot. Learn more about SAKL’s operations at,,,,, and

SAKL strongly encourages the public to read the above information in conjunction with its reports filed at The actual results that SAKL may achieve could differ materially from any forward-looking statements due to a number of risks and uncertainties, including but not limited to adverse weather conditions, equipment failure, state and local health code laws which may impact obtaining permits and other risks associated with judgment calls made by various government officials.  Investors should not invest more than they can afford to lose. 


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