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$SBEV Don’t Underestimate The Breakout Potential At Splash Beverage Group, This Company Is Stacked

$SBEV Although Splash Beverage Group shares have been consolidating at the $2.60 level, don’t underestimate its potential for a massive break to the upside. Why? Because over the past several weeks, $SBEV has inked several distribution deals that put it TapouT energy performance drink potentially into the hands of millions. Of course, expansion comes with increased upfront costs, which may be the culprit to the recent churn. However, with most of that likely behind them, the other side of the deal, revenues, could be the next announcement in the queue. And based on deals with Walmart ($WMT) and major AB Distributors, those numbers could provide a dose of energy to the stock. The stock surged earlier this month after announcing its initial expansion into Walmart. Retracing those gains from $5.47 could present a timely investment consideration ahead of further updates and guidance. Based on deals made, new revenues could be significant.

Still, $SBEV has much more to offer. We covered a good part of that at L3T, which you can read HERE.

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