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Sentient Brands’ Stock Price Surges; Consolidation In The Luxury Skincare Market Could Be The Reason ($SNBH)

Sentient Brands (OTC Pink: SNBH, $SNBH) stock is in play. In fact, this thinly-traded company has seen volume surge since mid-March, often trading well beyond 100X its average pace compared all the way back to April of 2021. And as the saying goes, volume precedes price. 

If so, $SNBH investors could be in store for a bullish ride. Actually, investors paying attention to what SNBH has been saying since March have done pretty well, seeing their shares surge by more than 273% intraday in March. While some of those gains have been reeled in, the volume has stayed. And with a luxury CBD-based beauty and skincare market in consolidation mode, perhaps that high volume is sending a message- stay focused on the Sentient Brands proposition. 

Indeed, doing so makes sense. After all, Sentient Brands Holdings Inc. is well-positioned to have a breakout in 2022. Over the past few quarters, this well-managed next-level product and brand development company has been enhancing its position to take advantage of brand and innovation opportunities inherent to the $115 billion luxury lifestyle brands, prestige beauty, and personal care markets. Its management team is equally impressive as its brands, bringing extensive experience in building world-class brands such as Hugo Boss, Victoria’s Secret, Versace, and Bath & Body Works.

CEO George Furlan is leading the charge, an industry veteran who provided creative, strategic, and operational support to various fashion and lifestyle companies, including Fleur du Mal, Raleigh Denim Post-Imperial, and guided a successful global launch for Tommy Hilfiger. That’s not all; he relaunched the Hugo Boss luxury division and directed its sales for the Americas. And as a former director of sales and merchandising for Versace, he led sales, merchandising, and marketing efforts for their US and Canadian markets. Simply put- Sentient Brands is in excellent hands. 

Of course, an impressive supporting cast is equally important, and SNBH checks that box. In fact, SNBH’s Chief Brand & Innovation Officer, James Mansour, has a proven history of developing and scaling world-class consumer lifestyle brands. He played an instrumental role in developing brands that have become icons in the marketplace and multi-billion-dollar businesses, including Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works. Better still, he created award-winning work for 3M, DuPont Corian, and many other Global Giants, and if all goes as planned, he will do the same at SNBH. Indeed that’s the plan. Still, there’s more talent in the mix, and they each contribute years of experience to make Sentient Brands bigger and stronger by the day. More about each can be read here.

In the meantime, know this- the attention to Sentient Brands stock is no coincidence. Instead, investors may be valuing the impact that this team and its growing stable of products can deliver. And at roughly $0.16 a share, the value is compelling for near and long-term investors. Timely as well. Here’s why:

Right Markets, Right Time

Foremost, Sentient Brands is doing the right things in the right markets at the right time. More importantly, they have the right products. And that combination puts them in the sweet spot to capitalize on a multi-billion dollar global prestige beauty and personal care market opportunity. 

Better still, SNBH isn’t following the herd. Instead, they are again changing the beauty products landscape, launching its innovative CBD and gemstone-infused beauty products, which are doing more than attracting attention; they are creating a potentially massive new market. That’s not all. 

In the process, they are likely attracting attention from the industry’s most influential players, including L’Oréal ($OR.PA), Estée Lauder ($EL), and Procter & Gamble ($PG), which, by the way, have ignited a flurry of consolidation interest that’s putting undervalued and innovative companies, like SNBH, front and center. Why the interest in micro-cap Sentient Brands? 

It’s an easy question to answer. Sentient Brands is doing things that other small brands can’t or aren’t willing to do. Perhaps they want to but don’t have the executive team to accelerate their missions. Some lack both management and product strength. But, bad news for them is excellent news for SNBH in that their innovation and team expertise can stand out in a crowded field. While the herd is thinning from the spate of consolidation, there’s undoubtedly room for SNBH to benefit from interest. And whether through acquisition or partnership, SNBH may very well be in the right place at the right time. 

That position also puts a run back toward 52-week highs in the crosshairs. And at that one dollar level puts a more than 525% potential return in play. 

A $500 Billion Market Opportunity In-Play

Don’t think of that dollar mark as wishful thinking. Reports indicate that women spend roughly $313 per month on beauty products alone in the US, contributing to a global beauty market valued at $511 billion in 2021. While impressive today, that number is just for starters. By 2025, the global beauty and personal care market will eclipse a more than $716.6 billion opportunity. And don’t expect the team at Sentient Brands to be left outside of that lucrative bubble. They intend to earn a sizable share of that massive market, either independently or through marketing agreements with the behemoths. Its innovative Oeuvre Luxury Skincare product line could be its ticket to fortune.

And interest could come quickly from Oeuvre being the first and only luxury skincare product infusing CBD and gemstone properties to deliver industry-best skincare for its users. The combination of ingredients is more than results-driven; they created a luxury niche market for Oeuvre skincare products to exploit. Of course, that’s where the value proposition steepens. Unique formulations and newly created spaces take shelf space. And if there’s one piece of real estate that the behemoths don’t like to lose, it’s shelf space. Thus, competitive to some now, potential partners later. Either scenario bodes well for SNBH and its investors. 

Actually, Sentient Brands would be just fine going it alone. But, based on history, this management team may be teeing up the opportunity to maximize revenue-generating opportunities by selling or partnering to accelerate market penetration. Of course, with mergers and acquisitions blazing the consolidation trail, the best path for SNBH may very well be to capitalize on Oeuvre’s new generation of skincare products through partnerships. Selling the brand would be a potential windfall too. In either case, investors are positioned to do as well as the company, and it’s a good sign when management’s vision aligns with shareholders. 

Of course, if that’s the end game, SNBH and its investors won’t be left with only bags of cash. Instead, they would benefit from a surge in market cap and share price appreciation enabling the company to develop and commercialize other brands. In fact, they could duplicate a similar process and continue to build a capital war chest to justify a significantly higher valuation based on cash alone. Indeed, there are many scenarios but know this. SNBH is aware of its opportunities, recently discussing the consolidation trends in a shareholder update. Moreover, don’t underestimate the SNBH team’s ability to maximize value from its products portfolio, considering a merger, licensing, or acquisition discussions as part of that process.

Remember, Sentient Brands’ management team is not assembled with rookies. They combine decades of experience in marketing and brand development for high-end luxury brands. As noted, members of the company’s leadership team were integral to helping launch several highly successful luxury product lines from Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss. Their contributions didn’t stop there. They were also involved in developing products and ideas for fashion and skincare giants Versace, Victoria’s Secret, and Bath and Body Works. 

Of course, the better news for SNBH and its investors is that the team is now dedicated to building its own luxury brand. And the experience and success in prior work may actually be a boost, especially in a sector where connections and reputation matter. With Sentient Brands’ products and its highly regarded team, leveraging its associations could help transform this micro-cap skincare products company into an impressive revenue-generating juggernaut. 

That’s not an overzealous exaggeration, either.

A Massive Luxury Skincare Market

It’s actually quite in order knowing that SNBH has all the right ingredients to make that happen- management, product, and effective marketing. Moreover, they are timely to create their opportunities, launching Oeuvre into a CBD-infused skincare market experiencing exponential growth. By 2026, that segment alone is expected to be a $3.4 billion market. But that’s not where it stops. 

The industry, inclusive of CBD-based skincare, is expected to see sales compound at a CAGR of 25% over that same period. It gets better still. The e-commerce market is expected to deliver an even higher growth rate, with estimates expecting a CAGR of 27.4% during the forecast period. Notably, that’s where SNBH is primarily focused. Again, the right place at the right time. 

There’s more to like. In addition to the luxury skincare market’s growth accelerating, it’s showing no signs of slowing. On the contrary, with consumers’ spending habits normalizing after pandemic-caused market disruptions, spending on personal care products, especially skincare, is heating up. But the better news is that those sales are happening more through high-margin digital channels, making the value proposition even more potent in SNBH’s case. It’s a significant advantage, noting that knowing what, where, and how to sell to specific markets separates winners from losers. 

Remember, not all companies understand selling outside of brick and mortar. And just because the CBD-infused skincare market is in a boom cycle doesn’t mean every company will score millions in revenues. Most won’t get any traction. Why? Because it takes more than an excellent product to build a business; it takes an infrastructure to support growth. Strangely enough, brands that get too big too fast can actually go out of business. Not because the product wasn’t in demand but because lack of infrastructure caused logistical hurdles too high to clear. That won’t be a problem for SNBH. 

The reason being is that SNBH is uniquely able to leverage industry connections to help navigate its multi-billion dollar market opportunities. Not only that, SNBH targets multiple revenue-generating markets, operating at a crossroads between the exploding CBD-infused skincare products market and the highly profitable luxury beauty products segment. Focused on both, SNBH is positioned to have its best year ever, and guidance indeed suggests that to be the case. 

Effective Marketing Is The Key

So, how will they accomplish that goal? From an outsider’s perspective, it doesn’t seem that complicated. Foremost, Sentient Brands needs to keep doing what it does best- develop brands that resonate with an audience of engaged consumers. Then, they need to leverage the strength of cutting-edge, data-driven marketing to build branding, reputation, and market penetration. In addition, utilize the powers inherent to social media channels, the cornerstone of beauty product promotion. It’s a long list. But here’s the excellent news- Sentient Brands is checking all those boxes, giving Oeuvre more than an introduction; it provides its status.

And remember, Sentient Brands powered into 2022 with its most ambitious marketing program ever, initiating relationships with popular social media influencers on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. In addition to promotion from luxury lifestyle influencers, SNBH invested in advertising on the platforms targeting demographically-defined consumers and highlighting the brand’s use of high-end, sustainable products. The message intends to show the distinction between Oeuvre and commodity-grade skincare brands. It’s working.

Here’s a vital distinction in its marketing, though. Sentient isn’t just splashing sexy images across its advertising channels. There’s an intent to get an appreciable ROI on those dollars spent. And they are getting results intended through robust analysis of backend analytics to keep their campaigns targeted by carefully tracking marketing campaign performance. In other words, SNBH always knows who they’re talking to. Doing so allows SNBH management to adjust and optimize its strategy at a moment’s notice, keeping its target market in the conversation at all times. Companies successful at doing that typically get the results intended.

Therein lay the secret sauce to its success. And the sum of those parts equates to a simple quotient- Sentient Brands, with its team, products, marketing, and technology, is positioned to have its best year ever in 2022. And with Sentient already completing the groundwork to expedite Oeuvre’s market presence, the results of that work could show in Q1. Indeed, volume is saying something, and when prices rise along with transactions, the message is typically a good one. 

By the way, Sentient Brands’ products are more than value drivers; they are consumer favorites for reasons other than the results they provide. 

Socially Responsible In Every Way

While investors like to hear the financials, the products sold are essential to longevity. Sentient Brands is again checking all the right boxes by paying attention to consumers embracing sustainable, healthy, and responsibly produced goods. SNBH agrees with that sentiment. 

Oeuvre’s skincare products are free of toxins, irritants, and other objectionable additives like sulfates and petroleum. Additionally, their production processes are vegan and cruelty-free. As a matter of fact, it is Sentient Brands’ mission to rise above and beyond these standards by ethically and responsibly sourcing all of its skincare components to satisfy the demand for sustainable and ethical products. It’s a message the markets want to hear.

More important;y, it’s one they get straight from Oeuvre’s marketing team. But, the message isn’t just a timely catch-phrase; it’s part of its fundamental mission. Sentient’s goal is to stay committed to producing a line of products that define high-end CBD-infused skincare engineered responsibly to appeal to the markets that will be most resonant with this message. By the way, millions are watching and listening. 

So, boiling it down to the simplest terms, in a market where hundreds of skincare brands are either low quality, unsustainable, or weakly branded, Sentient Brands, by checking all the right boxes, is different and better. More importantly, its plan allows them to emerge from a crowded, competitive landscape to earn a sizable share of a market in its infancy. With its new generation of products utilizing properties inherent to CBD and gemstone infusion, it could own that niche space. That’s not being overly ambitious; it’s a near-term probability. 

Sentient Brands Is Ready To Surge

Indeed, calculating the sum of its parts, few can argue against SNBH being in its best operating position to create significant shareholder value this year. If the trading action over the past three weeks is an indication, investors are doing more than taking notice; they’re investing in the SNBH story. And from the looks of things, the SNBH story may play out exceptionally well. 

They are well-managed, well-capitalized, have compelling products, are carving a niche opportunity, and have a marketing campaign that sends the right messages to the right people. Factor in the pace of consolidation and managements relationships with industry brand giants, the SNBH story could have more than an excellent few chapters in the queue; it could have volumes. 

Oh, and some of those chapters could be internationally written, with SNBH opening sales channels reaching North and South America and a global expansion in the works. Thus, Sentient Brands’ luxury CBD and gemstone-infused skincare product line, Oeuvre, is more than an exceptional product and revenue driver for SNBH; it’s a means for Sentient to exceed even the loftiest of estimates. If so, look out above; SNBH stock could move quickly. Better still, supported by product and team, the dollar level may hold this time around. 


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